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Why Jewelry is the Perfect Gift for Mother's Day - Chocolate and Steel

Why Jewelry is the Perfect Gift for Mother's Day


Mother’s Day is a day to make sure moms feel special and loved. There are a lot of ways to do that, and one of the most popular ways is to give a gift.

What Not To Give Your Mom on Mother’s Day

There are a few gifts you want to avoid like the plague on Mother’s Day, unless they’re specifically requested by your mom. Here are some good guidelines on what to avoid:

No home appliances or house cleaning accessories - do we really need to say this? While your intent might be to make your mom’s work easier, let’s think about her in broader terms than just a housekeeper.

No beauty or anti-aging products - your mom is beautiful just the way she is, and there’s no need to give her something that might heighten insecurities she has about her appearance. There are a few exceptions to this; any pampering products, like bath bombs, bath salts, or spa dates. Also, if she has a favorite brand of high-end cosmetics, that may be a great gift.

No gifts that you actually want - there’s a certain tendency, especially among spouses, to give moms something that you want. Make sure you give her a gift that’s chosen just for her.

Ideally, Mother’s Day gifts should be pretty, pampering, and/or sentimental in nature.

Why Jewelry is a Great Mother’s Day Gift

Some people might think that jewelry as a Mother’s Day gift is a little stale and played out, or that you have to break the bank to get beautiful, high-quality jewelry. We have some reasons why jewelry is still a great Mother’s Day gift.

Jewelry is Long Lasting

Great jewelry, with proper care, can last decades. For example, silver jewelry, even with frequent use, should last 20-30 years with good care and storage. It can even last a lifetime!  Gold plated jewelry may not last quite as long, but you can get several years of use before the plating starts to wear - even longer when you care for it properly. Plated pieces can actually be replated! This is a service that we offer at Chocolate and Steel. If, perhaps, you wore your gold plated jewelry in the pool all summer long and are looking to refresh your jewelry, we can help.

Jewelry is Beautiful

It’s definitely true that not everyone is a jewelry person, and it’s equally true that everyone has their own aesthetic when it comes to choosing jewelry. If you pay attention to what kinds of jewelry someone wears the most, you can get a good idea what their style is.

Part of the reason that jewelry is such a good gift is that it’s beautiful. It shines, sparkles, and glows. Metals like silver and gold, and precious and semiprecious gems have fascinated mankind for centuries because it is beautiful. That’s why we wear it, after all. Well-chosen jewelry can compliment our skin tone, our coloration, and our outfits. Jewelry is not only beautiful in its own right, but it also highlights the wearer’s own unique beauty. For those who wear jewelry, it can make them feel beautiful and special.

Jewelry is Unique

Well, that may be going a bit far. Even artisan jewelry makers will reproduce pieces to satisfy demand for a particular piece. Even still, because jewelry is chosen based on style and appearance, each jewelry collection, and each combination of individual pieces of jewelry, is unique to the person that’s chosen them. Because of this, well-chosen, good quality jewelry is always a thoughtful gift, communicating a knowledge of the person receiving the gift. For Mother’s Day, a gift of jewelry shows mom that you pay attention to her, that you have taken the trouble to get to know her, and that you have considered her sense of style. This attention shows that she’s important to you, and that you care for her.

Jewelry is Pampering

For a lot of moms, their role is one saturated with practicality. They have kids to take care of and often a home to maintain (women still often do the majority of housework, even when working a job outside the home), usually in addition to working outside the home. They manage schedules, clean, meal plan, provide or arrange transportation, and all kinds of other tasks.

Jewelry is something created only for beauty. It is something that you wear just for you; because it is pretty, because it makes you feel good. Isn’t a relief from the practical and a step into simple indulgence at the heart of pampering someone?

If you also think that jewelry is a wonderful gift for a Mother’s Day gift, we’re here to help. We make fine, high quality jewelry that is beautiful and very personal. It’s handcrafted, and even pieces from the same line have small differences as a result of artisan manufacturing practices, making all of them unique. We offer a wide range of styles, from classic to modern, from subtle to bold. We like to think that we have something to represent everyone’s individual spirit.

We have some wonderful styles for the special mom in your life, from hearts to custom pieces, from beautiful natural gemstones to quotes from other powerful women. Take a look, and see if there’s something there that your mom will love!