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What Your Birthstone Says About You!

Birthstones are a way to make birthday gifts really special. There’s just something personal about knowing that the gemstone in a piece of jewelry was chosen just for you. But did you ever wonder what your birthstone says about you? People have been fascinated by crystals and colored stones for a long time, and over time, we’ve given each stone symbolic meanings and associations. Birthstones are no different! So read on to find out what yours says about you!

January - Garnet

Garnet is regarded as a protective stone. The fire that flashes from its red heart (but did you know that not all garnet is red?) represents passion, creativity, change, and strength. That may seem like a lot to put on a little stone! Garnet can help us when contemplating great change in our lives, and can also help with brainstorming and other creative projects! With garnet as your birthstone, you might be the fiery one in your family, strong and full of passion, and capable of great creativity. 

February - Amethyst

While the garnet is fire, change, and passion, the amethyst is calm, moderation, and humility. This mellow purple stone has been thought to help avoid overindulgence, in fact the Romans believed that drinking from a cup decorated with amethyst would prevent drunkenness. Amethyst is a stone of intuition, and inspires a different but equally powerful kind of creativity than garnet. Contemplation of this stone may help one control their thoughts and be more mindful. If Amethyst is your birthstone, you may be steady and even-keeled, but capable of tremendous creative thought.

March - Aquamarine

This clear, blue-green stone reminds one of the waters of a clear sea. It is a calming stone to look at, and it can soothe troubled minds. It is thought to inspire truth, trust, and letting go. Aquamarine has also been used as a talisman of protection for those who travel by sea, or who travel over or around the sea. If your birthstone is aquamarine, you may exert a calming influence on those around you, allowing the truth to come out.

April - Quartz

Quartz may seem to be an unassuming stone, ranging from water clear to clouded, but it comes with rich meaning. Clear quartz, or crystal quartz, is considered to be a universal crystal. It carries with it meanings of balance and harmony, and is thought to foster great wisdom. If you have quartz as your birthstone, you may find yourself acting as peacemaker between friends and family. Your ability to see and balance both sides of an argument makes you an invaluable mediator in times of conflict.

May - Emerald

The emerald has long been known as a stone of love. In Rome, the emerald was a gemstone of the goddess Venus, and was associated with both love and hope. This stone is also a symbol of vitality and new growth. If you have the emerald as your birthstone, you may be young at heart, boldly truthful, and deeply loyal. This youthful energy may draw people to you, but some may not understand that despite your young vibe, you also possess great wisdom.

June - Moonstone

Moonstone is an opaque, milky stone that carries a certain shimmer within it, like moonlight glimmering on water. Its association with the moon is unmistakable, and as such, it’s a stone of renewal, as the moon wanes away and waxes full each month. The moonstone is a mystical stone, and inspires inner strength and personal growth. If you have moonstone as your birthstone, you may seem a little… otherworldly to those around you. But this impression of strangeness belies your great inner strength and selflessness.

July - Ruby

Ruby is a beautiful stone that ranges from red to pink. Not as dark as the garnet, the garnet is thought to bring passion, yes, but also happiness and vitality. Less volatile than the garnet, it is also thought to be a stone that promotes overall wellness, both mentally and physically. With ruby as your birthstone, you may be the image of vitality and good health. Your passion is a more measured one. You’re generally happy, and able to spread that happiness among those who cross your path.

August - Peridot

Peridot is a gem with a green color, generally lighter and brighter than the emerald. While other birthstones can appear in a variety of colors, peridot is always a shade of green. Also, some peridot deposits arrive on earth from meteorites! Peridot is thought to be a stone of compassion. Contemplating the peridot may give restful sleep. With peridot as your birthstone, you are a compassionate person, and may find yourself able to calm inflamed tempers. You may be known for vigorous good health and a cheerful demeanor.

September - Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a relatively soft stone famed for its blue color. This stone was ground to a powder and used to create cosmetics and pigments for paint! Famous paintings, such as Van Gogh’s Starry Night and Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring contain lapis lazuli! Lapis lazuli is known as a very spiritual stone, and it is also known as a stone of truth and friendship. With lapis lazuli as your birthstone, you might be a stalwart friend, loyal and kind to those who know you. Since lapis is thought to aid good judgment, you might also be the level headed one.

October - Opal

There are two kinds of opal; the common opal, which may just look like a light-colored, opaque stone, and the precious opal, the stone that flashes with color. Opal is also an amorphous stone, meaning that it lacks a single cohesive crystalline structure. Opal is a stone of clarity and energy. With opal as your birthstone, you may be active and energetic, but with the clarity of mind that allows you to direct that intense energy in positive directions.

November - Citrine

Citrine is a yellow stone, varying from pale gold to bright amber. Citrine often has a smoky or cloudy appearance. A stone of summer, the citrine is associated with energy and warmth. With citrine as your birthstone, you may have a sunny disposition. This will draw people to you, but you also have the same soothing quality of a mild summer day. You’re energetic and chronically positive; a great ally to your more maudlin friends.

December - Turquoise

Turquoise is a beautiful opaque stone with a blue-green hue. The color reflects that of the sky on a cloudless day. Turquoise is a stone of wisdom and inner sight. Contemplation of this stone can help you better understand your inner self, your own strengths and weaknesses, and thus inspire empathy for others. With turquoise as your gemstone, you may find yourself being particularly understanding of others flaws and foibles, able to see the good in those around you. This is a particular kind of wisdom that may make you seem older than your years.

Does your gemstone describe you? Or are you a rebellious misfit, going your own way? Do these birthstone meanings remind you of your friends or family? While some of this may ring true, we are all individuals, and every one of us is unique. So don’t worry if you don’t vibe with your birthstone as much as some do.

So if you have a special someone that you want to say “you’re special” to, on their birthday or any day, check out our selection of birthstone jewelry!