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Valentines Day is here!  See our top picks for Chocolates, Flowers and (of course) Jewelry - Chocolate and Steel

Valentines Day is here! See our top picks for Chocolates, Flowers and (of course) Jewelry

How about all 3? 

Whether you buy something for yourself, a friend, a child or that someone special, we have you covered.

Shop Sustainable 

How about buying from environmentally friendly companies?  That goes for ethical flower farms as well as organic and fair trade chocolate farms.  Our company uses recycled sterling silver and eco friendly gold.  Also look for packaging is made from sustainably sourced materials and is 100% recyclable - ours is!

Check out Farmgirl Flowers 

They source their blooms from socially and environmentally ethical farms. They feature a rotating gallery of in-season blooms from American growers, noted by their "U.S.A. Grown" icon on their product images.  They also have GREAT packaging! 


Because every day is a gift....a gift to give to others and yourself. No significant other this year?  How about giving to your TRUE soul mates - your friends. 

And help your community as well.  

Ever heard of Theo Chocolates?  Their model is based on a core idea - chocolate can be made in a way that allows everyone in the bean-to-bar process to thrive.  Bonus: they were the first organic, fair trade certified chocolate maker in North America.  

Self Love

Don't forget a little treat for yourself on Valentines Day!  

Support Artists

Try and order from independent florists.  Bloom Nation is a vast online network of local florists that offers users the convenience of coordinating the logistics of flower delivery online with the benefits of supporting a small business. 

Give Back

As a reminder, we donate 1% of all sales to environmental non-profits. 

Have you heard of Tony's Chocolonely?  They have GREAT chocolate and give back towards their vision of 100% slave free chocolate.

Whatever your Valentines Day might entail, remember to get creative, HAVE FUN and enjoy it!