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Top Quotes about Jewelry - Chocolate and Steel

Top Quotes about Jewelry

We love a good quote here at Chocolate and Steel.  After all, we have over 60 quotes carved on necklaces, rings and earrings, meant to inspire and encourage.  Here are some of our favorite quotes about our other favorite thing, jewelry! 

Jewelry is a Good Way of Keeping Memories Alive   

How true is this quote?  I can look at a piece of jewelry and tell you exactly who gave it to me and when.  I still have the birthstone ring that my boyfriend in high school gave to me in the 90's.  It is a very small and beautiful way of keeping memories alive.  

Life isn't perfect but your jewelry can be


Yep, basically you can wear any outfit and, paired with the right accessories, you can look put together.  Your jewelry can always be perfect.  

I have enough jewelry said no one ever

Nope.....Me neither.  I can never have enough jewelry.  Dress up, dress down, silver, gold, gemstones and no gemstones.  

jewelry is a biography

Remember the coin rings?  How about friendship bracelets?  The big earrings of the 80's?  Jewelry can tell the many many chapters of our life.  

I only wear jewelry on days ending in y


I sleep in it too.  

Iris Apfel


Iris Apfel is a business woman and a fashion icon.  In 2005 she drew crowds with her collection of costume jewelry styled with clothes on mannequins as she would wear it. She is a fashion and jewelry icon.  

quotes about jewelry

still wear earrings from high school


.....the best thing about jewelry - it fits all sizes.  

jewelry makes you feel unique


Be bold!  Be colorful.  Be unique.  Be You.